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Automation Transforms Medical Device Manufacturer

Two Kardex Shuttles provide better inventory control, instantly recover 10,000 square feet and improve manufacturing productivity.
Bristol Hose

Parts Distributor Finds The Right Fit with Kardex Shuttles

Three Kardex Shuttles increased productivity by 30%, saved 90% floor space and improved order picking accuracy.
Van Meter

Automating Electronics Distribution for the Future

Eighteen Kardex Shuttles increased throughput by 25%, reduced labor costs by 21% and raised order accuracy to 99.99%.
HCL Logistics

3PL Distribution Facility Transitions to Automation

21 Kardex Shuttles provide improved client inventory management, reduced floor space and increased accuracy.

Kardex Frame Pick System Helps Meet 24 Hour Delivery

Six Kardex Compact Buffers and a Kardex Frame Pick System combine to triple picking speeds and reduce travel time.

Managing E-Commerce Order Demand Fluctuations

Three Kardex Megamats with batch picking strategy reduce labor 54%, increase productivity 600% in 75% less space.

Controlled Environment Storage with Access from Lab

Three Kardex Shuttles provide deep-freeze storage allowing employees access to inventory from room temperature lab.

Electronics Manufacturer Uses Ergonomic Automation

Two Kardex Shuttles with crane handling provide ergonomic solution that increases productivity 90% while saving 70% floor space.

Wholesaler Automates to Boost Order Processing

Three Kardex Compact Buffers with a Kardex Color Pick System and 30 position batch station result in faster picking using less labor.

E-Commerce & Retail Fulfillment with Color Picking

Twelve Kardex Shuttles reduce space 90%, increase picking speed and improve employee safety for e-Commerce & retail fulfillment.

Batch Picking Supports Consumer Goods Fulfillment

Three Kardex Shuttles increase picking speed 460%, recover 92% floor space and expand capacity 84% for watersports distributor.
Chocolate World

Precise Order Picking & Same Day Order Processing

Two Kardex Compact Buffers support same day order processing with fast, accurate and ergonomic order picking in a smaller footprint.
Jazz Aviation

Automated MRO Solution for Critical Parts Inventory

Two Kardex Shuttles provide 99% pick accuracy with batch validation, increase productivity 77% and save 71% floor space.

Efficient Order Consolidation for Auto Parts Distributor

One Kardex Compact Buffer reduces warehouse footprint by 80% and adds efficiency to order consolidation process.

New Order Fulfillment System for e-commerce Distributor

Nine Kardex Megamat 350s with a Kardex Color Pick System lower labor requirements & reduce pick time by 60% in a smaller footprint.
Value Drug Mart

Automation Speeds Order Fulfillment for Retailer

Six Kardex Horizontal Carousels provide 90% faster order picking and a 72% labor reduction in 58% less floor space.

Kit & Component Management

Four Kardex Shuttles manage kits & components resulting in 86% reduced labor, 99.9% accuracy and 85% reduced floor space.

Kardex Shuttles Store Parts for Manufacturing Distribution

Five Kardex Shuttles with batch picking strategy reduce floor space by 65% and achieve 75% faster order picking with 47% less labor.

Simple Automated Samples Storage

Two Kardex Megamats provide 167% more storage capacity and supported faster fulfillment with virtually no downtime.
Kubota Canada

Zone Picking Strategy with ASRS Supports Warehouse

Six Kardex Horizontal Carousels & four Kardex Shuttles double productivity and recover 83% floor space.

Automated Solution Keeps The Stockroom on Track

Eight Kardex Shuttles reduce footprint by 70%, increase accuracy and reduce labor requirements by 20% in stockroom.

Heavy Parts Handling Using Ergonomic Automation

A Kardex Shuttle 1000 increases storage volume 30%, improves performance 400% and protects stored items from dust and dirt.
DC Dental

Dental Supply Wholesaler Scales with Automation

Pick and pass fulfillment strategy with automation yields a 54% volume increase with 67% less labor and 73% space savings.

ASRS Supports Automated Manufacturing Expansion

Four Kardex Shuttles recover 92% floor space, save 53% labor and improve ergonomics to support automated manufacturing system.
Park Industries

Precision Manufacturer Automates Warehouse

Four Kardex Shuttles doubled order fulfillment throughput, expanded capacity and increased accuracy in stockroom.

Complete Specialty Tool Management Solution

Three Zoller Shuttles with specialty tool management software provide innovative secure, compact and accurate tool handling.

Order Fulfillment Using Automated Batch Picking

Four Kardex Shuttles & three Kardex Horizontal Carousels enable batch picking for fast fulfillment and reduced errors.

Multi-Floor Automation In Hospital Increases Bed Space

A Kardex Shuttle 500 manages hospital supplies providing improved nursing efficiencies and more space for patient beds.
Rohde Schwarz

Fast, Error Free Storage & Retrieval of SMD Reels

Twelve Kardex Megamats with ESD protection provide accurate inventory levels and error free retrieval of SMD reels.
Frank Mohn

Storage of Bulky, Long Goods & Assembly Components

2 TowerMat TMs and 12 Kardex Shuttles provide semi-finished pallet goods handling and assembly components storage.

Relocating Warehouses For More Efficiencies

7 Kardex Megamats managing 8,500 SKUs were relocated with minimum downtime and zero delays in production delivery.

Flexible Order Buffering for Pharma Manufacturer

Kardex Megamats with automatic handling buffers semi-finished products for reduced lead times, and full traceability.

Manufacturer Integrates ASRS with Fire Protection System

Kardex Shuttle 700 with integrated fire extinguishing system manages inventory to reduce production downtime and keep goods safe.
KW Bruun

Automation Supports 3PL Expanding Product Line

Fourteen Kardex Shuttles & four Kardex Megamats increase capacity while saving 75% floor space and reducing pick time 50%.

Storage & Management of Toolsets on Pallets

Two Kardex Shuttle 1000s provide pallet storage for toolsets ensuring on-time retrieval and makes optimal use of space.
Yves Rocher

Storage of Raw Materials For Cosmetics Manufacturer

Two Kardex Shuttle 250s support cosmetics manufacturing lab with safe and efficient storage of raw materials.

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