ASRS for Medical Device

Establish and maintain good manufacturing practices with ASRS.


As a medical device manufacturer, it’s required to establish and maintain procedures to ensure mix-ups, damage, deterioration, contamination or other adverse effects to products do not occur during handling. This is because of the quality control processes and record keeping requirements mandated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While these regulations are quite clear to avoid any obsolete or rejected items from being distributed, it is up to you as the manufacturer to come up with the appropriate solution to ensure only the approved devices leave your facility.

Automated storage and retrieval systems support these processes to ensure quality control from receiving to manufacturing to distribution and shipping. Integrated with inventory management software, these ASRS units can provide proper documentation for your stock rotation programs and ensure you don’t ship any devices that might have expired. In addition to inventory management software, bar code scanning increases picking accuracy. Picking validation can verify items by material, location, lot or serial number, allowing accurate tracking of all devices.     

Medical Device: ASRS Case Study

Using a combination of horizontal and vertical carousels, DePuy Distribution is able to pick more lines per hour with just one operator.Medical Device_Case Study_DePuy

To read about the impact of dynamic storage at DePuy Distribution, download the case study.

Download the Medical Device Case Study: DePuy Distribution