ASRS for Machinery

Maintain an accurate stock inventory with ASRS - keeping your manufacturing line running at full speed. 

In order to feed the manufacturing line with the right components, parts or tools, it’s critical to know where those items are and to have them at the ready for production. When those items aren’t available, you’re faced with a backup, slow down or complete stop at the manufacturing line and that’s bad for business. To ensure success, starting with accurate stock inventory, you need a solution that will save you time and money.

ASRS create a high-density, space-saving kitting operation to make sure your manufacturing line is up and running, all the time. Using a vertical lift module or vertical carousel stores your components in a compact footprint. Utilizing the vertical height in your facility, dynamic storage systems can recover up to 85% of floor space which can be used for other revenue generating activities, such as another manufacturing line.

Machinery: ASRS Case Study

Using thirteen vertical lift modules cutting tool builder, Mazak, improvedMachinery_CaseStudy_Mazak productivity by 80% reducing labor resources 44% and increased part numbers on hand by 95%. 

To read about the impact of dynamic storage at Mazak, download the case study.

Download the Machinery Case Study: Mazak