ASRS for Electronics

Safe and secure parts handling - ensuring you have what you need when you need it.

Electronic components and finished products range from very small and lightweight to larger, bulky items which can be heavy or difficult to handle. Whether you manage these highly valuable items temporarily or store them for longer periods of time, these different storage needs combined with controlled environments and the complexity of various products require a highly effective storage system.

Dynamic storage and retrieval systems handle these items in optimum conditions. No matter what environment you require, ASRS are enclosed systems, protecting your stored items from natural elements. Inventory management software supports 99.9% pick accuracy and provides transaction recording and documentation of all transactions guaranteeing traceability throughout the lifecycle of your products.

Electronics: ASRS Case Study

With just two Vertical Lift Modules, electronics manufacturer Christie has recovered 70% floor space savings, is picking 90% faster and keeping emploChristie_ASRSyees safe with ergonomic access to inventory. 


Watch The Electronics Case Study Video: Christie