ASRS for eCommerce

Organizations are feeling the pressure of picking and shipping items faster than ever before, and ASRS can help.

Customers are demanding faster deliveries now more than ever. Two-day delivery is an expectation customers have grown to love and expect. Unfortunately, order picking is a labor intensive process which costs money. Due to customer demand, e-commerce companies are looking for ways to improve their order fulfillment processes to meet customer demand without adding labor.

The e-commerce boom has created a shift in distribution from picking pallets and cases for retail stores, to picking “eaches” (individual items for an order) for the end customer. Most facilities aren’t currently equipped to fulfill these e-commerce direct-to-consumer orders without throwing more labor at the problem, and even when they do that often leads to other challenges. Implementing automation can prevent major renovations to existing facilities by utilizing the vertical space in a facility within a compact footprint, reducing floor space by up to 85%. In addition, labor requirements can be reduced by up to 2/3.

Video: ASRS In eCommerce