ASRS for Automotive Dealerships

ASRS ensures you have the right service part at the right time - improving overall customer service.

Getting vehicles in, serviced and back out the door takes competent, skilled service technicians and the right inventory management system. The last thing you want to do is schedule service for a vehicle only to find out the part you thought you had in stock is in fact not available. Drawers, bins and bulky storage areas can be a source of wasted time and money. Having the right part at the right time improves customer service experience.

Automotive service and parts operations can replace those bulky storage areas with automated storage and retrieval systems to increase stock accuracy and reduce storage space. Integrating these systems with inventory management software can control inventory levels. Monitoring your inventory properly can allow your parts department to ensure they have the right parts in stock at all times. With the recovered floor space, consider adding more bays to service more vehicles to help grow your business.

Automotive Dealership: ASRS Case Study

With one dual access Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module, Zimbrick European increased productivity by 70%, while saving 84% floor space and improving worker ergonomics. Automotive_CaseStudy_Zimbrick


Download the Automotive Dealership Case Study: Zimbrick